FCP&K philosophy is based on our belief that children are a gift from God. We recognize that each child is unique. Our approach to education is developmentally based and provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth of children.

Class Descriptions

2 ½ to 3 Year Olds
This is the youngest class at FCP&K. Our teachers provide a fun and loving environment. The staff is well prepared to handle separation situations which can be a challenge. We will work with parents to make sure the transition is handled as smoothly as possible.

The focus for these young students is on social and emotional development. This typically is the child’s first experience in a classroom environment. Fun activities using playdough, outdoor activities and exposure to letters, numbers and name recognition are scheduled throughout the day to help in the development these particular skills.

3 Year Olds
Because children at this age learn by ‘doing,’ a fun learning environment is built to use their natural sense of curiosity and exploration. Many hands-on activities provide the children with enjoyable ways to create an emotional relevance to what they are learning.

Teachers will be focusing on color, shape, number and name recognition. They will be working on early writing skills, such as letter recognition and how to hold a pencil and other drawing utensils correctly.


This is the time that we help 4/5 year old children prepare for Kindergarten. Teachers establish a foundation combining play, creativity, and language to generate a firm building block for the next level of education. The teachers will use pre-reading; math, and science activities that are age appropriate that will help in the children’s development.

Junior Kindergarten
Junior Kindergarten is specifically designed for those children who just miss the cut-off for Kindergarten (5 by October 1st) or those who need a little more prep time. The teachers continue to build the social, emotional, physical aspect of the children, yet still emphasizing the cognitive piece. The classroom is designed to create an environment in which learning is fun. They will master the skills necessary to enter Kindergarten and the teacher will help each child reach their fullest potential. Many children will begin writing simple words and even reading!